About Us

Company Overview

Aveox was founded in 1992 as an innovative provider of low-weight / high-power brushless DC motor and controller solutions. After initially gaining notoriety in the R/C market, Aveox immediately began to attract substantial interest from varied aviation, aerospace, medical, and industrial clients that were searching for similar high-quality results. Aveox has continued to develop and apply advanced motion control technology (such as active Power Factor Control) to meet the ultra-critical, environmentally-challenging, high power-density, superior-reliability requirements of its clients. With an emphasis on establishing a solution-focused partnership with each client, Aveox’s engineers and production team have a strong track record of successfully delivering timely, aerospace-quality solutions for the most demanding applications while consistently introducing innovative products that are revolutionizing the motion control and high performance motor markets.


  • 27,000 sq ft facility
  • Team of 55+ engineers and operations/assembly personnel
  • Electrical, Software, Mechanical, PCB engineering capabilities
  • Engineering lab, prototyping area, precision machine shop, manufacturing

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Our Experience

  • Remote control
  • High Speeds (to 100,000 rpm)
  • High efficiency
  • Compact size/ Light weight
  • High power density

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Our Approach

  • Explore innovative technologies
  • Take on new and challenging projects
  • When clients call Aveox about a project, they will speak to an engineer with expertise in the application of DC motors and controls
  • By involving our engineers early on, clients reduce time needed for selecting an optimum motion control solution
  • Customize existing designs or develop completely new designs that target the client's application needs
  • Leverage our extensive experience with difficult applications to minimize delivery time of new project solutions

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Key Technologies

  • 3 Phase Active Power Factor Correction for Variable Frequency AC Power Systems
  • Software based Sensorless Brushless Motor Controllers

Production Process Highlights  

  • Manufacturing schedules driven by MRP system
  • Key suppliers are ISO9000 certified
  • Receiving Inspection accompanied by lot traceability
  • Detailed work instructions for each assembly
  • Acceptance Test Procedures on critical parts
  • Final Inspection to insure conformity

Identification and Traceability

  • Raw material lot traceability (Machine Shop)
  • Lot traceability for all purchased parts
  • Lot traceability by W/O throughout production
  • S/N traceability where required

Control of Measurement and Test Equipment
  • Calibration database to track equipment recall
  • Established calibration history

Control of Nonconforming Material
  • Nonconforming material database
  • MRB (Material Review Board)
  • Disposition Procedures
  • Failure Reporting / Analysis

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