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Bring us your impossible task, whether you need us to shave 5 pounds off your new fighter jet, or make the smallest brushless motor imaginable to operate a motorized surgical knife. We apply the same advanced design techniques to any challenge you might bring us.

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Since 1992, Aveox has designed and produced low-weight / high-power brushless DC motor and controller solutions for a variety of aviation, aerospace, medical, and industrial clients; we have continually developed and applied innovative motion control technology (such as Active Power Factor Control) to meet our customer's ultra-critical, environmentally-challenging, high power-density, low-EMI, superior-reliability requirements.

With an emphasis on establishing a cost-effective, solution-focused partnership with each client, Aveox’s engineers and production team have a strong track record of successfully delivering timely, aerospace-quality solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

We welcome the challenge.
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