Civil Aviation

Aveox meets challenging performance and quality requirements with elegant designs offering:

  • High Power Density
  • High Efficiency
  • Sensor less Commutation
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Reduced Component Count
  • High Reliability

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Sample Project Listing:

Aircraft Fluid Pumps:

  • Design and build of submersible fuel and hydraulic pump motors for commercial and military aircraft
  • Brushless DC motors and controllers for use with cooling pumps
  • Flight Actuation
  • Primary and secondary flight surface actuation for helicopters
  • Integrated starter/generator systems for military aircraft
  • Engine cooling fans
  • Wing deployment actuator brushless DC motor and controller for air launched ordinance

Other Actuations

  • ATFLIR pod windscreen drive and de-rotation motor drive used on the F/A-18 jet
  • PDU (Power Drive Unit) cargo loading actuator
  • Pumps and Fans
  • Power Factor Correction Circuitry
  • 3 phase AC variable frequency active power factor correction circuitry. These circuits meet harmonic distortion requirements of future commercial and military electrical systems while being lighter in weight than traditional passive type filters.

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This list represents a small sample of the projects we have been and are currently involved with. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and are very interested in hearing about your project’s specific requirements. We have a selection of "off the shelf" products that can provide a solid foundation for your client’s application needs.

We are aware that no two projects are exactly alike, and we are adept at customizing our existing products to meet your specific project needs. We have a proven track record of quick turn-around times, and the ability to design customized systems within a matter of weeks. Please feel free to call or email our technical sales department to discuss your project’s specific needs.