Legal Information
  1. Acceptance-
    1. The provisions of this document shall be deemed to control, and take precedence over any condition specified by customer in conflict unless accepted in writing by Aveox.
    2. Any terms, conditions or quality requirements not addressed in this document are subject to our review and acceptance.
    3. Therefore, it shall be considered that, all provisions of this document are acceptable to customer.

  2. Business Information- Aveox is a small business in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). As a small business Aveox is exempt from Cost Accounting Standards and Disclosure Statement requirements.

  3. Specifications-
    1. We will comply with customer’s specifications and revisions indicated on the customer’s purchase order acknowledgment with all exceptions made in writing by Aveox.
    2. We will not make any Class I changes which affect form, fit or function without written approval from the customer.

  4. Technical Data-
    1. Aveox will hold customer furnished technical data confidential.
    2. The customer must hold any technical data provided by Aveox, Inc. in strict confidence unless released in writing by Aveox.
    3. All of our technical data is company proprietary including our envelope drawing outlining our customer's dimensional and performance requirements, and our test data (or Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)) which we provide to our customers at “No Additional Charge”.
    4. When required by the purchase order, Aveox, Inc. shall provide test data or ATP data sheet per unit in our format on the final product only. When requested in writing from the customer the ATP document shall be submitted for approval.
    5. All other company proprietary technical data is available for review at our facility only.
    6. The customer’s payment of non-recurring of any type does not give the customer any intellectual property rights to the Aveox Inc.’s design (background or foreground) or any ownership of tooling and/or fixtures.

  5. Unit Prices- Aveox warrants that each price for our products is such that, they do not include any unallowable costs in accordance with the applicable Government regulations (FAR). Unless otherwise indicated in writing, our prices are in “current year” dollars based on all deliveries being complete within twelve (12) months after receipt of order. Any customer requirement for “set-off” or “offset” programs are non-applicable.

  6. Packaging-
    1. Aveox’s unit prices include, at “No Additional Charge”, best standard commercial packaging practices.
    2. All packaging materials and procedures are selected by Aveox.
    3. Our pricing does not include “Bar Coding”.

  7. Inspection/Acceptance/Rejection-
    1. Aveox complies with the inspection system requirements of AS9100, calibration requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1 / ISO10012, and traceability to U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.).
    2. When required by purchase order, we solder in accordance with IPC-610.
    3. We utilize our own approved process suppliers.
    4. We offer Customer/Government source inspection on the final product in our format only. We will provide for a general tour of the products during manufacturing, which do not include detailed inspections/tests. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for alternate inspection points upon written request.
    5. First Article Inspection/Tests are not included in the unit prices. When required, First Article Inspection/Test is limited to physical dimensions and performance requirements on “one final product only” in our format. A lot charge will be quoted.
    6. When required by the purchase order, Aveox, provides a “Certificate of Conformance” (COC) stating the product furnished met all specified purchase order, product drawing and specification requirements. This COC is in our format on the final product only and provided per shipment at “No Additional Charge”. All other material and process certifications are kept on file and available for review at our facility only.
    7. Any requirement for resident customer personnel at our facility is non-applicable.
    8. Our warranty clause below is applicable regarding the return of any product and any additional costs called out in the customer’s associated paragraphs.
    9. When required, cause and corrective action reports are provided in our format. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for alternate reporting processes and/or formats.

  8. Delivery- Aveox delivers all products, F.O.B. our plant. Title passes to our customer upon placement or pick-up by the carrier specified by the purchase order. All deliveries are made in accordance with our promised schedule utilizing the carrier specified on the purchase order. We are not liable for any additional charges called out in the customer’s associated paragraphs in the event of a delay.

  9. Payment Terms-
    1. The payment terms are specified by Aveox in writing on the request for quotation and must be confirmed by the customer’s purchase order prior to the start-of-work. An invoice is generated after shipment of the product or completion of our services. When payment is not made in accordance within the specified terms the amount due will be subject to an annual interest charge of 18%.
    2. Any payment which is seriously overdue (greater than 60 days) may be subject to legal action.
    3. All Attorneys’ fees, expenses, court costs and other costs incurred by Aveox for such legal assistance to obtain payment will be borne by the customer.

  10. Taxes- Any applicable Federal, State or Local taxes of any nature will be billed separately on our invoice unless our customer provides the necessary tax exemption certificates 30 days in advance of shipment.

  11. Warranty-
    1. Aveox warrants our products for one year from the date of shipment from our facility for materials and workmanship.
    2. Any unit in question must be returned to us, transportation prepaid, for our evaluation and determination of responsibility.
    3. Any unit, which we determine to be our responsibility, will be repaired or replaced at “No Charge”.
    4. Aveox must make all repairs, modifications or alterations. Any repairs, modifications or alterations made by the customer voids this warranty unless authorized in writing by Aveox. A Return Material Request (RMA) number must be obtained from Aveox’s Customer Service prior to returning the products to our facility to prevent shipment refusal at our Shipping & Receiving dock.
    5. Our customer assumes the risk and expense of the returned unit until delivered to our dock and the unit will be subject to our receiving inspection.
    6. This is our warranty policy in full. We are not liable for any additional charges called out in the customer’s associated paragraphs.

  12. Stop Work- Aveox will not charge our customer for a “Stop Work” for a period “Not-to-Exceed” four (4) months unless we incur additional costs as a result of the “Stop Work”. We will advise any applicable charges at the time of occurrence.

  13. Disputes- Aveox must agree with any final decision for it to be considered final.

  14. Termination for Convenience or Default-
    1. If an order is canceled “for any reason” specified in any of the customer’s associated paragraphs, termination charges will apply based on work-in-process and materials-on-hand at time of occurrence which will include profit.
    2. We will deliver all finished products at the contract unit price and all subassemblies/raw materials will be scrapped at our facility.
    3. If required, the scrapping process can be witnessed by our customer.
    4. All relevant records are available for review at our facility only and our overhead rate information is available for review by the U.S. Government only.
    5. We are not liable for any additional charges called out in customer’s associated paragraphs.

  15. Cost Back-up Information and Audits- Aveox provides our customer’s an SF1411 and relevant summary cost back-up information on only those anticipated orders that exceed $550,000.00 which are not competitively bid in accordance with FAR. The policy not to provide cost information on orders less than this dollar threshold includes both informal or formal cost information/audits. All other relevant records are available for review at our facility only and our overhead rate information is available for review by the U.S. Government only.

  16. Patent, Trademark and Copyright Indemnity- The products that Aveox manufactures are to our proprietary designs to meet to our customer specified envelope dimensions and performance requirements, therefore, the requirements/charges of the customer’s associated paragraphs are non-applicable.

  17. Insurance Indemnification- Aveox carries our own insurance policy, details of which are company confidential. We do not amend our policy to specifically name our customer’s under this policy. We are not liable for any additional charges called out in the customer’s associated paragraphs.

  18. Import/Export- Aveox is registered with the U.S. Department of State in compliance with 22 C.F.R. 120 – 130 and in full compliance with ITAR requirements. Upon receipt of a purchase order from our customer for products used on military platforms, our customer is also certifying they are in full compliance with the ITAR. Aveox Inc. does not direct import or export on military programs at this time. All correspondence, customs clearances, documentation, licenses and associated costs are handled by the customer. The customer will be required to specify the name of the U.S. freight forwarder and the carrier to pick up the products.