3 Phase Brushless Motor Controllers

  • Sensorless Commutation

  • Aveox has the most experience developing and producing sensorless brushless motor controllers. Many controllers feature Aveox’s “Smart Start” technology, affording reliable , quick starts regardless of initial rotor position or mechanical load

  • Sensored Commutation
    • Hall Effect Sensor
    • Resolver
    • Encoder

  • Typical Performance Characteristics
    Aveox has produced brushless motor controllers meeting these parameters:
    • High Current (>200A)
    • High Voltage (>800V)
    • High Speed Sensorless (>200K RPM)
    • High Power (>35KW)
    • High Temperature (175ºC)
    • Submersible (Oil, Fuel, Coolant)

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  • Power Conversion Features
    • Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) Meeting correction and harmonic distortion requirements of next generation commercial and military electrical systems at much lower weight than possible with passive designs. Typical weight reduction: 60% or more
    • Variable “ Wild” Frequency AC Input Meeting increasingly common new requirements of commercial and military aviation

  • Typical Drive Applications
    • Hydraulic Pumps
    • Coolant Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Blowers & Fans
    • UAV Propulsion
    • ROV Propulsion
    • Downhole Valve Actuation

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For an immediate controller solution, see our standard AVX-50BL10 model.