Since 1992, Aveox has been on the forefront of brushless motor and controller design. By focusing on the performance and quality demands of our customers, Aveox has parlayed its expertise to become a strategic supplier in the high-performance military, civil aviation, medical and industrial markets. By understanding the predictable evolution of advanced technologies, Aveox continues to introduce products that are revolutionizing the motion control and high performance motor markets.

Aveox designs and produces high performance OEM brushless motors and controllers for:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Industrial – Severe Environments
  • Medical

  • The Aveox portfolio of successful designs includes power ratings from sub-fractional horsepower through 150 KW, and ambient temperatures ranging from -55 to +315 degrees C. Housed & frameless, convection, conduction, forced air and liquid-cooled configurations are all possible.
  • High-performance "Quick Custom" motor and controller solutions available for proof-of-concept or prototyping.

  • Aveox brushless motor controllers provide high efficiency & reliability, at power levels ranging from 50 watts to 35 KW, DC input voltages to 800, and ambient temperatures ranging from -55 to 175 degrees C. Aveox AC-powered units are often designed for wild frequency inputs and feature Active Power Factor Correction (APFC), meeting the demanding requirements of B787 & A380 aircraft at a fraction of the weight and volume of units designed with passive PFC components only.