Aveox ISO 9001 / AS9100 Quality Clauses

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AV1 – Aveox Inspection at Destination: 

Articles defined in this Purchase Order are subject to inspection at destination and will not be accepted by AVEOX if the supplier fails to submit the certification, documentation, test data, and/or reports specified in the purchase order. Notwithstanding the inspection rights granted to Purchaser under the clause entitled “Quality System Requirements”, representatives of Purchaser, Purchaser’s customer, and regulatory authorities, if required, shall be granted the right of access to all the Seller’s facilities, including sub-tier suppliers, at reasonable times for the purposes of reviewing applicable records to the Purchase Order.

AV1A - MRO Materials:

Materials purchased for Maintenance, Repairs, and Overhaul use only (typically referred to as MRO) does not require Quality related inspection at Aveox.

AV2 Special Processing:

For the purposes of this quality clause the term supplier refers equally to prime suppliers and their contractors. All special processing required via a government, ASTM, or AVEOX process specification shall be performed by AVEOX approved suppliers only.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to request and ensure the supplier has and understands all required specifications. Should the prime supplier elect to subcontract special processing, the prime must receive written approval for the subcontractor selected prior to the processing of the items. All requirements of AVEOX imposed on the prime shall be flowed down to the subcontractor by the prime.

Each shipment must include a report/certification that includes the name and address of the processing source as well as a statement verifying that all required process certifications and chemical/physical test reports, as directed on the PO, are on file at supplier's facility and/or have been provided with the shipment as required.

This QA clause applies to (but is not limited to) soldering, welding, brazing, heat treating, magneforming/swaging, plating/coating, cleaning/etching, passivation, electro polishing, acid pickling, impregnating, bonding, glass sealing, shot peening, bead blasting, silk-screening, magnetic particle inspection, penetrant inspection, and X-Ray/N-Ray inspection.

In addition the supplier must reference the AVEOX PO and part number on their certification. All employees who are involved with special processes should possess a valid certification of training in the related processes.

AV2A – Weld Sample:

Weld one QA sample using weld schedule and production set-up prior to production run. Section sample and visually inspect at 20X magnification in accordance with the master traveler or drawing. Include sectioned sample with the parts shipment to AVEOX. In addition the supplier must reference the P.O. and part number on their certification.

AV2 - B Heat Treat:

Provide a copy of the chart(s) that confirm that treat time and temperature requirements have been met. In addition the supplier must reference the PO and part number on their certification. Supplier must provide evidence of hardness testing in accordance with applicable specifications.

AC2C – Plating and/or Coating: 

Provide a test panel and/or gauge block representative of the processed parts. Mask a portion of the panel or gauge prior to processing so that the base material can be accurately measured with a micrometer. In addition the supplier must reference the PO and part number on their certification.

AC2D – Soldering:

All soldering on deliverable product shall be soldered in accordance with J-STD-001 Class 3.

AV3 – Government Source Inspection Required:

Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of the order, promptly notify and furnish a copy of the order to the government representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate planning for government inspection can be accomplished. If you do not have a regular government representative, contact your nearest Army, Navy, Air Force, or defense supply agency inspection office. In the event a representative or office cannot be located, notify the AVEOX purchasing agent immediately.

AV4 – Aveox Source Inspection:

AVEOX source inspection must be conducted at your facility prior to shipment. When the PO items are ready for inspection, notify the AVEOX purchasing department so that a mutually agreeable inspection time can be arranged. Drawings and/or other pertinent data as required by PO must be available to the AVEOX quality representative at the time product is presented.

AV5 – Certification of Compliance:

A Certification of Compliance addressing each item or lot of material shipped against this PO must accompany each shipment. AVEOX part numbers, Mil-Spec devices, or Supplier equivalent identification (see further details below) are referenced as a part of the certification format.

Mil-Spec fasteners used shall be of the latest revision of the applicable specification when received.

Supplier or sub-tier supplier certifications for specific processes or tests are acceptable provided they reference the exact requirements (i.e. drawing, specification, test or process that was performed) on their certification. Material/chemical/physical test reports and Certificate of Compliance (C of C) for processes performed by suppliers are kept on file at the supplier for verification.

Each primary supplier certification shall include:

  • PO number
  • Part number and revision, as shown on the Aveox drawing. (NOTE: for an assembly, include the assembly part number, any sub-component part number(s) fabricated by the supplier for this assembly, and all material and processes used therein if required in the PO. For raw stock, a supplier part number or simple description is acceptable when traceable to the AVEOX part number. In this case the C of C is annotated with the applicable AVEOX part number and accepted by a quality representative at AVEOX.)
  • Revision letter - When a specific revision is required by the PO the C of C must reflect that the item is in compliance to the requested revision. Some items, such as raw materials (i.e. bar stock) may not have a revision. Otherwise, it is accepted that the item is to the latest drawing, and/or specification revision to the date of manufacture.
  • Quantity shipped
  • Lot number (as applicable)
  • The name and address of the company issuing the certification
  • The date of issue
  • The name of the company's authorized representative (optional)
  • The representative’s title (optional)

Note:      A certification for ASTM, ASME, SAE, MS, BAC, AN, or NAS specification fastener(s), bolts, nuts, screws, studs, washers, rivets, pins, etc. is not required.

AV5A – Sampling Inspection: 

Sampling inspection may be performed to accepted standards, or to AVEOX approved sampling plan.

AV5B – 100% Inspection Required:

Supplier shall perform 100% functional, electrical, dimensional inspection, as appropriate, on finished good to ensure integrity of the item/lot.

AV6 Records:

The Supplier shall maintain records for review by AVEOX or Customer/Regulatory Agency for a minimum of seven (7) years or the duration of the contract, whichever is longer. Records include material certification, special processing, work order/traveler, test reports, inspection reports and other relevant records, nonconforming records, drawings and revision history, calibration records, first articles and any other applicable records. Suppliers should have complete traceability per AS9100 (latest revision) requirements. If required by purchase order, electronic media for NC programs, test programs or drawings may be required for archive purposes at the direction of the AVEOX buyer.

AV7 – Chemical and/or Physical Test Reports:

One (1) copy (as required by specification for each lot/batch/heat) must be attached to the packing sheet and must accompany each delivered shipment. The report must be identifiable to the product being delivered and must show that the material/parts delivered are acceptable.

AV8 – Shelf Life Items:

Materials or articles having characteristics subject to degradation with age shall be marked in a manner to indicate the date of manufacture and expiration date in addition to standard identification requirements. (Suppliers of rubber goods are required to document the cure date of rubber molded goods and the compounding date of uncured rubber. Materials identified as requiring age sensitive controls must have 100% of their expected shelf life, from the date of manufacture, at the time of receipt at AVEOX. Special storage or handling conditions shall be included when applicable. Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) must be provided where there is a danger to health from material being purchased.

AV9 – Packing / Packaging:

All items must be adequately packed/packaged to prevent damage, contamination, and/or deterioration.

AV9A – Electrostatic Discharge Control:

Items shall be packaged so as to prevent ESD.

AV10 – Seller Controlled Products:  

One legible and reproducible copy of the part definition, drawing, catalog, or specification must accompany the initial shipment.

AV11Quality System Requirements: 

Supplier must have completed and submitted an AVEOX Supplier Survey. Supplier’s quality system is subject to verification and approval at all times by AVEOX Quality.

AV11A – Quality System Requirements:

Supplier must have completed and submitted an AVEOX Supplier Survey.  Conformance to ISO 9001 (latest revision) is required.  Quality system is subject to verification and approval at all times by AVEOX Quality.

AV11B – Quality System Requirements:

Supplier must have completed and submitted an AVEOX Supplier Survey. Conformance to AS9100 (latest revision) is required. Quality system is subject to verification and approval at all times by AVEOX Quality.

AV12 – Metrology System Requirements:

A calibration system in conformance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-3, ANS/ISO/IEC 17025 must be maintained that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and provides positive identification of calibration status. Adequate process controls, records, and certifications shall also be sufficiently maintained to satisfy purchase order requirements. This Metrology system is subject to verification and approval at all times by AVEOX Quality.

AV13 – Nonconforming Material:

Nonconformance’s detected during manufacturing or during supplier’s inspections shall be dispositioned using one of the following methods:


Discrepant material can be reworked to full conformance with all drawing specifications. Reworked items must be resubmitted to normal supplier inspection and/or test operations.


Discrepant material obviously unfit for use. Items shall be scrapped in accordance with the supplier's scrap procedures.

Submit For Aveox Preliminary Review:

AVEOX preliminary review action is required for any discrepant material that cannot be reworked to print, but either is functional or could be made functional via a repair. Such material shall be segregated and controlled to ensure that no further work is performed until an AVEOX preliminary review disposition is obtained. AVEOX review should be requested through AVEOX Purchasing. If approved, a copy of the completed form must accompany each shipment of related parts.

AV14 – Functional Mercury:

Each shipment is to be accompanied by one legible and reproducible certification stating that the delivered item does not contain any functional mercury (i.e. mercury that is required for the proper operation of the item), and is free from mercury contamination (i.e. during processing the item has not come in direct contact with mercury or any of its compounds).

AV15 – Domestic Materials:

Quality Clause 20 - DFARS 252.225-7014, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals, and its Alternate I is imposed on this Purchase Order.

AV16 – Functional Test / Inspection Reports:

Actual inspection/test reports must be attached to the packing sheet for each shipment. These reports must reference the purchase order number, supplier's name and address, part number, part name and, where applicable, serial numbers, and date and run time of units, including actual results. These reports must be validated by an authorized supplier representative. If equipment of sufficient capacity to inspect/test the articles is not available on-site, the items must be inspected/tested in a laboratory approved by AVEOX. In addition the supplier must reference the PO and part number on their certification.

AV17 – Material Sample Required:

A material sample must be furnished to AVEOX with the first shipment of the product, unless otherwise specified. The size of the sample shall be determined by AVEOX or the material specification. The sample shall be cut or molded from the same material lot as the product supplied. In addition the supplier must reference the PO and part number on their certification.

Note: If the sample does not pass its material specification tests, the product supplied with the sample shall be considered unacceptable and may be returned to the supplier.

AV18 – First Article Report:

A detailed first article inspection report is required. The report must list all drawing characteristics, plus notes, and must include evidence of conformance to all elements, including material and processes. Each drawing characteristic must be complete with the tolerance in an adjoining column. The measured condition must be recorded. The report must indicate the AVEOX part number, revision, and PO number. AVEOX must be notified in advance when the first article inspection is scheduled -- AVEOX reserves the right to witness the actual inspection or to require spot checks to verify the data. The first article report and the part used should be packaged separately, clearly identified, and shipped with the production parts on the first delivery of a new lot. If subsequent shipments are from the same lot as a previous shipment a copy of that first article report is acceptable.

AV18A – FAIR to AS9102:

When called out on the PO the First Article Report, as specified above, shall be submitted compliant with the AS9102 format.

AV19 – Changes:

AVEOX must be notified in writing prior to any proposed changes to controlled design, parts, materials, fabrication methods, or processes that may affect function, interchangeability, or reliability. Facility location and/or ownership changes must also be reported to AVEOX in a timely manner.

AV20 - Workmanship Standards:

Unless otherwise specified, workmanship standards shall be to best commercial practices.

AV21 – Drop Shipments:

Unless otherwise specified, the supplier shall notify AVEOX of part number and quantity when materials are dropped shipped.

AV22 – Drop Shipments for Processing:

Unless otherwise specified, the processor shall notify AVEOX of the part number and quantity of materials received from the drop shipper before processing begins. Should the processor use sub-tier processors for additional functions this requirement shall be flowed down to the sub-tier processor(s).

AV23 – Information Subject to Export Control Laws:

This document may contain information subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulation (EAR) of 1979. This information may not be exported, released, or disclosed to Foreign Nationals outside the United States without first complying with the export regulations.

A Foreign National is defined as any person who is not a US citizen, a lawful permanent resident as defined by 8 USC 1101(a)(20), or a protected individual as defined by 8 USC 1324b(a)(3). Foreign Person also means a corporation, business association, partnership, or any other entity that is not incorporated or organized to do business in the United States, as well as international organizations, foreign governments, and any agency or subdivision of foreign governments (e.g. diplomatic missions).