Quality Assurance

quality assurance

Aveox is committed to design and manufacture the highest quality products that meet or exceed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. Our Team is dedicated to continuous process improvement and embraces a culture of defect prevention over defect detection. Our quality management system provides clear direction to control design, material processes, records and measuring and test equipment to assure product conformance.

identification and Traceability

  • Lot traceability for raw materials
  • Lot traceability for all purchased parts
  • Lot traceability by W/O throughout production
  • S/N traceability where required

Control of Measurement and Test Equipment

  • Calibration/Recall database
  • Established calibration history

Control of Non-Conforming Material

● Nonconforming material database
● MRB (Material Review Board)
● Disposition Procedures
● Failure Reporting / Analysis


  • Download a copy of the AS9100 Certificate for AVEOX
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Customer Survey Response

Download a copy of our standard survey responses to customer surveys

AS9100 Certificate

  • Aveox is AS9100 Certified
  • Download a copy of our certificate for your records