Oil & Gas

industrial and drilling

Our ability to manufacture reliable and efficient, compact motors and controllers capable of operating at ambient temperatures in excess of 300°C, has made Aveox the “Motors and Controllers of choice” for the Oil and Gas industry. Our motors can be configured with aspect ratios (1.2” diameter x 7“ long) often required by down-hole drilling.

Industrial Drilling Style Motors

  • Environmental characteristics include:
  • Temperatures to 315°C/600°F
  • Pressures to 35,000 PSIA
  • Ultra-long length-to-diameter ratios

Aveox has made significant investments in the tooling and equipment required to produce motors that routinely meet the severe environmental conditions associated with down-hole applications


  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Well Completion Tools
  • Instrument Actuators
  • Generators
  • Light-weight and compact motors and controllers for interactive educational displays
  • Replacement for air-operated safety valve actuators
  • Air conditioning compressor motors
  • Medical, Military/Aerospace, down-hole Drilling, and UAV  industry specific applications

These projects make up only small sampling of the projects we have successfully supported. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and interested to hear your project specific requirements. We have a selection of “off the shelf” products that can provide a solid foundation for your application needs or that can be used as platforms for custom configurations.

We are aware that no two projects are exactly alike, and we are adept at customizing our existing products to meet your specific project needs. We have a proven track record of quick turn-around times and can design customized systems within a matter of weeks.

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