Aveox Products

At Aveox we pride ourselves on our ability to create the right solution for your application. Whether it is a COTS item or a custom design, we can find the perfect match. Our skilled engineers and designers have a deep knowledge of motors and controllers enabling seamless integration into your application. If you need EMI filters, a breakout board, or power converter, we have those too!

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are renowned for their accuracy, precision, and durability.

We have AS9100 certified processes and systems to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality.

Product Capability Highlights

  • Very high-power density
  • Very light-weight
  • Customizable
  • Suitable for Severe environments
    • Extreme temperatures
    • Gun shock
    • Explosive atmosphere
    • Corrosive liquids


Stator/Rotor Sets:

  • Ultimate Torque
  • Superior Torque

DC Brushless

Controllers & Accessories

Modular (MMC)


Tuning Kits

Regeneration Switch Module

Power Converters & EMI Filters

Power levels from 1.5KW to 100+ KW

Simple item per RTCA/DO-254

Three Phase active power factor correction (APFC)

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