Power Converters & EMI Filters


Aveox Power Conversion Modules offer Three Phase Active Power Correction (APFC) meeting correction and harmonic distortion requirements of next generation commercial and military electrical systems. The conversion modules offer significantly lower weight than possible with passive designs with a typical weight reduction of 60% or more!

power converter FEATURES

  • Power Levels From 1.5KW To 100+ KW
  • Power Density Exceeding 2KW/Lb
  • Variable “Wild” Frequency AC Input Meeting Increasingly Common New Requirements Of Commercial And Military Aviation
  • Simple Item Per RTCA/DO-254
  • SAE ARP4754 DAL A/DO-254 (Certification Considerations For Highly-Integrated Or Complex Aircraft Systems)
  • Pulse Load Regulation For EW Systems On Input and/or Output
  • Fully Compliant With Harmonic Requirements of DO-160G, section 16, Category A (WF)
  • Insensitive To DC Content And Unbalanced Phase Voltages Without Neutral


  • Power levels of 1.5KW to over 100KW

  • EMI Filters for MIL-STD-461 and RTCA DO-160

  • Satisfies MIL-STD-1399 and MIL-STD-461 CE101

  • Power density of > 2 KW/lb

  • Can be integrated with motor controllers and power supplies

  • Tolerant of unbalanced inputs without neutral

  • Inrush current control

  • Extensive BITE functions

Emi Filters

EMI Filters can suppress or dampen electromagnetic noise which is transmitted via conduction. They extract the unwanted current conducted through the cables or wiring but allow the desirable currents to flow uninterrupted.

EMI filters are required for many types of equipment and systems, such as medical, many military applications, and aerospace as well as commercial and industrial.

At Aveox, we pride ourselves on complete solutions. We also have EMI filters to complement our line-up of motors, controllers, and power conversion.


  • Small footprint
  • Common mode and differential filter for DC line current
  • Designed for high-ripple currents of motor drives
  • 10 Amps to 40 Amps
  • 400 VDC to 800 VDC

You Can Rely on Aveox To Provide You With A Quality EMI Filter For Your Sensitive Electronic Applications.

aveox line of filters

Product Name Amps Volts Size
EMI 10A400VE 10 400 4.40” x 1.90”
EMI 20A400VE 20 400 6.65” x 2.00”
EMI 30A400VE 30 400 7.375” x 2.10”
EMI 40A400VE 40 400 8.575” x 2.40”
EMI 10A800VE 10 800 4.725” x 1.90”
EMI 20A800VE 20 800 6.35” x 2.40”
EMI 30A800VE 30 800 9.15” x 2.30”
EMI 40A800VE 40 800 9.65” x 2.40”

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