Aveox has extensive experience developing and producing brushless motor controllers. Proprietary controllers feature Avex’s “Smart Start” technology, that provides reliable, quick starts regardless of initial roto position or mechanical load. Aveox controllers have been specifically developed for a wide variety of industrial, military and aerospace applications.

Aveox motion control products feature off-the-shelf versions as well as modified and customized products. We have our Industrial style motor controllers, 1.5kw to 16kw military aerospace style motor controllers, Military three-axis ecs motor controller and Two axis 48kw motor controller, as well as our range of accessories; including the Aveox series of EMI filters.


Aveox Modular Motor Controllers

Aveox’s range of modular configurations enables a multitude of options for your application, with FOC Sensorless configurations.

3 Phase Brushless Motor Controllers

  • Sensored & Sensorless field orientated control (FOC)
  • Analog controllers are classified as simple items per RTCA/DO-254
  • Compliant with SAE ARP-4754 DAL A/DO-254 (Certification considerations for highly-integrated or complex aircraft systems)
  • Hall Effect/Resolver/Encoder inputs

Brushless motor controller parameters:

  • High Current (>200A)
  • High Voltage (>800V)
  • High Speed Sensorless (>200K RPM)
  • High Power (>35KW)
  • Temperature Range from -55ºC to 175ºC
  • Submersible (Oil, Fuel, Coolant)


Specifications/Features of Industrial Style Motor Controllers:

  • Non-modular Logic boards
  • Small voltage mode amplifiers for brush or brushless motors
  • Can deliver 10 to 30 Amps of continuous current output with a voltage input range of 12V-48V
  • All controllers are FOC, Sensorless with some exceptions
  • All controllers use the same windows GUI interface and share the same code base as the MMC FOC controller
  • Universal mount allows horizontal or vertical mounting

1.5KW to 16KW Military Aerospace Style Motor Controllers

  • Integrated active power factor correction compliant with DO-160, section 16
  • DO-254/DO-178B DAL-B Compliant
  • Four quadrant current loop and velocity loop
  • Integrated shunt absorbs power of aiding loads

Military Three-Axis ECS Motor Controller

  • Gun Turret mounted: ruggedized for road shock, gun firing shock and ballistic shock
  • Controls three sensorless brushless motors
  • 610VDC Input
  • Air cooled and immersion tested for waterproofness
  • J1939 CAN Bus
  • Software certified to DO-178B, DAL-C

Two Axis 48KW Motor Controller

  • Used on military ground vehicles
  • 610VDC Input
  • Sensorless FOC
  • 121ºC Ambient temperature with 85ºC Inlet of PGW

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